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When AI Meets IP

AIPLUX is a platform that helps you to protect your IP

Have you ever been wondering how to start protecting your brands and innovations but doesn’t know how? AIPLUX provides an intuitive platform to help the users to take the first steps.

Just tell us a bit what you are doing, and in a few seconds to a few minutes, an easy-to-read Trademark Search Report or Patent Disclosure+Search Report will be generated.

Our Features

Trademark Searchimage

Trademark Search

  1. Goods & Services recommendation (from officially preaccepted lists)
  2. Classified Application Risks
  3. Database from multiple jurisdictions
Patent Disclosure & Searchimage

Patent Disclosure & Search

  1. 1 Idea input, both Disclosure & Search Reports generated (Editable!).
  2. No patent knowledges needed to use.
  3. Database from multiple jurisdictions
Innovation / IP Managementimage

Innovation / IP Management

  1. Efficiently manage your ideas and assess their IP potential in one centralized platform.
  2. IP Management coming soon!
Professional Consultingimage

Professional Consulting

  1. Coming Soon!

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